Qinhuangdao Sea View Hotel


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Address:25 Donggang Road (Donggang Lu)
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Qinhuangdao Seaview Hotel is located in the famous Dongshan seaside, snuggled up to the charming Bohai Bay, close to the famous tourist attractions such as Qinhuang Qiuxianruhaichu. The hotel is about 4 kilometers away from the city centre, and is driven from the hotel to Beidaihe or Shanhaiguan for about 30 minutes.

The hotel is designed by the famous Thailand LEO company. It is noble and elegant, presenting a strong Mediterranean style. And then, is the official reception hotel designated by the 2008 Olympic Games. The hotel has more than 200 luxurious rooms. All sea view rooms have private balcony to make guest enjoy the poetic scenery of Bohai.

The hotel provides perfect entertainment and leisure facilities, including gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, spa, bar and so on, so that you can enjoy yourself freely.

The hotel has 2 different styles of restaurants; here you can taste Cantonese cuisine, seafood, local food and Western food, and other distinctive authentic dishes, to meet the needs of your different tastes.

At the same time, the hotels is equipped with a perfect indoor and outdoor child's paradise, children’s party field, children's theme room, and carry out colorful children's activities in the holidays. It is a good choice for parent-child tour.